Bodylife Yoga

Suggested Personal Sequence of Exercise


This sequence should be seen simply as a suggestion.  There is no necessity to follow it exactly, but do warm up before holding postures, and do not hurry.


Earthing / Centring yourself (Pratyahara) –


Lie in Savasana (Dead Man Pose) for a few minutes.  Focus on each physical sense in turn for a little while, gradually bringing the mind to focus on one thing at a time – sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, proprioception (sense of position).  Become aware of your surroundings, your own aura, and then the sense of your physical body, breath and then your inner centre.


Warming up  -


Follow the sequence at a steady pace in tune with your breathing.  Do not force the body to extremes, and do not hold positions as you might with the asanas to follow.

The aim is to work through the whole length of the body loosening and lubricating every joint and group of muscles.


Flex and wriggle the toes.  Separate the toes as much as possible.

Circle the ankles with the feet higher than the knees.

Bring one knee close to the torso and rock the pelvis forwards. X 3

With the leg bent, heel to the groin, let the hip up and down to the side. X

Hold the foot and lift it up and down, knee to the outside of the arms. X3

Hold the foot with both hands and push away from the body to feel stretch across the upper back. X 3

Straighten the leg, holding with both hands. X 3

Bring the big toe towards the ear of the same side, then extend. X 3 

Hold the knee with one hand, foot with the other, and circle the knee.

With the foot at face height bring the big toe to touch your nose, then forehead, then crown of the head.

Hook the leg over the shoulder, slide your opposite hand down the straight leg, release the hooked leg, and keeping the other arm and leg straight lean back to pull it up in the air, and then to the ground.  Release the foot.


Repeat the sequence with the other leg.


Bring soles of feet together, hold firmly with both hands, push the knees wide apart and bring the chest forwards and up to hollow the low back and stretch the groin.


Sit or kneel in a comfortable position, spine straight.

Wriggle and stretch the fingers.

Circle the wrists

Flex the biceps as you bend the elbows fully, and then extend the arms to the side, pushing the shoulder blades together.  X 3

With fingers on the shoulders, circle the elbows forwards and backwards. X 3

Keep the shoulders dropped as you draw the chin to squash the Adams Apple in the neck. Lift the head to look towards the sky (do not go too far back). Look straight ahead and then to the left and to the right.  Tilt the head from side to side.  X 3

Chew with mouth open to loosen the jaw. Twitch your nose. Blink hard.  Move all the muscles of the face.  Have a silent cheer! And end with a big grin.


Pranayama (breathing exercises) –


Sitting/kneeling with spine straight practise a breathing exercise for several minutes.  For example:

Abdominal breath - with awareness of the upper abdomen.

Ujayii - with gentle contraction of the pelvic floor, lower abdomen and throat.

Skull shining (Kapalabhati), Alternate nostril breath   etc.

Lion (Simhasana)



Asanas (held postures and yoga exercises) –


Squatting and crouching

Sun salute (Surya namaskar) with additional movements to incorporate side and twisting of the spine

Triangle poses – Trikonasana etc

Abdominal exercises                     

Shoulderstand                                 into

Plough to Bridge to Fish (in Lotus – Padmasana if possible)

Sitting forward stretch - Paschimottanasana             

Cobra or sphinx – Bhujangasana

Locust – Salabhasana

Bow - Dhanuarasana

Half spinal twist – Ardha Matsyendrasana, or Marichyasana

Dog – Upwards and downwars – Svanasana

Crow balance – Kukutasana or Crane

Headstand – Sirsasana or alternative

Pose of a Child – Balasana

Kneeling Firm – Vajrasana to Supta Vajrasana (reclining)

Frog from Virasana – kneeling sitting between heels

Dead man pose 


Relaxation –


Consciously relax each part of the body, and then the whole body.  Focus all attention on your easy breath.                  


Concentration (Dharana) –


Lying of sitting concentrate all your thoughts on the breath, one object, mantram, or the sense of inner awareness.


Meditation – (Dhyana)


Going beyond Dharana is best practised at another time, not immediately after a physical workout.


c. Derek Osborn                                                050419


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