if you have available:

1 minute         -           Sit or stand or lie and take 4 deep abdominal breaths

                                    trying to let go and allow your entire being to relax. 2 minutes       -           Watch your breath without controlling it as you sit or lie in


                                    Or do one gentle round of the Sun Salute, Surya                                                 Namaskar.

 5 minutes      -           4 abdominal breaths

                                    Loosen the neck and shoulders

                                    Move the eyes, blink, loosen the face muscles

                                    Loosen fingers and wrists

                                    Clench and stretch your toes, roll the ankles

                                    Roll the pelvis backwards and forwards

                                    Sit or lie and watch your breath

10 minutes     -           7 abdominal  breaths

                                    Repeat the sequence above, after rocking the pelvis

                                    stand and perform a few sequences of Surya Namaskar.

                                    Lie and relax in Savasana for as long as possible.


For longer session    -           try to remember to begin by centring yourself

                                     focusing on your breathing for a minute or two.

                                    Loosen all the joints of the body.

                                    Use stretches that bend the body forwards, backwards,

                                    sideways and twist the spine.

                                    Include an inverted pose such as the shoulderstand

                                    if you are comfortable.

                                    Always finish with a few minutes relaxing in Savasana.

Meditation      -           There are many techniques.  Simple methods include

                                    watching your breath, or visualising yourself somewhere

                                    calm and peaceful.  Take a few minutes whenever you


REMEMBER these are only suggestions.  Be aware of your body.  Make sure you warm the muscles with gentle stretches before you do anything strenuous.

If you experience any pain ease off and if it persists, see your doctor.

                                                Derek Osborn,

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