The spine can be divided into the areas of the sacrum - tail (and sacroiliac joint), the lumbar -low back, thoracic - chest area, and cervical - neck.  The following exercises are not to be seen as a fixed routine.  Rather take from the selection those which feel to you that they are working the spine in the way you need it.  It would be useful to include one of more from each section to give the spine a complete workout.

Sacrum and sacroiliac joint

            1          Lying prone, knees bent.  Allow pelvis to sink.

            2          Lying Tree, and both ssoles together

            3          Squatting

            4          Frog and variations

            5          Piriformis stretch and Universal stretch. 

            6          Swan or Stretching Tiger pose. 

            7          Pigeon variations

            8          Foot raise tilting.

Lumbar spine

            1          Savasana with uddiyana bandha (and nauli standing)

            2          Mid-back breathing

            3          Cat

            4          Prone leg raises and curls

            5          Bridge

            6          Sphynx

            7          Cobra

            9          Bow

            10        Lateral bends

            11        Twists

Upper back / shoulders

            1          Shoulder shrugs and rolls

            2          Elbow circling and hugs

            3          Dog, kneeling, to wall and all fours

            4          Head of cow

            5          Moon posture breathing

            6          Plank bridge

            7          Seated dips

            8          Crab / wheel


            1          Head turning

            2          assisted movements

            3          Hare

            4          Shoulderstand

            5          Choking pose, and to sides

            6          Fish (great care)


            1          Tapping and massage

            2          Crane

            3          Headstand and variations

Sw Shiv Giri Baba / Derek Osborn                                                    derek_osborn1@btinternet.com

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