The following sequence is designed to stimulate the glandular system, invigorate internal organs, strengthen the immune system and increase stamina.  Through the use of relatively vigorous exercise cardio-vascular efficiency is improved, and very importantly the energy of `kundalini` is awakened to flow through the body, particularly from the base to the top of the spine.

Repeat each exercise 8 times with the sound of `HA` at each exhalation.

1          Stand comfortably swing the arms over the head to clap the palms – HA

2          Keeping the legs fairly straight but relaxed, bend forward to clap the palms on the ground – HA – Return to standing

3          Stand (or sit) arms on shoulder level.  Pump the left arm up and down through an angle of 30degrees. Breath in on upward swing, out on down – HA

4          Stand arms forward at shoulder height, feet shoulder width apart. Simultaneously jump right foot over left, and left arm over right – HA – jump return.  Repeat alternating right and left sides.

5          Stand in simple archer pose, right leg forwards, right arm over leg, left arm back and bent pulling back bow string.  Keep body upright, lunge forward bending right leg – HA – Return.

            Repeat 8 times left leg forward etc.

6          Repeat exercise number 4

7          Stand feet about shoulder width apart, arms overhead by the ears, hands not clasped.  Bend back, return – HA

8          Repeat ex.4

9          Stand feet leg length apart, arms at shoulder height.  Bend 4 times to right – HA - Return.  Repeat 4 times to left.

10        Repeat ex. 4

This sequence can be repeated up to 5 or 6 times, or used as a warmup/ preparation for more traditional held yoga poses.