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One of the outstanding figures in yoga and Indian spirituality in the 20th century, and founder of The (now international) Divine Life Society.

1887  Born in south India     Brahmin parents called him Kuppuswarmy.

As a child he was very sensitive to the needs of others, and outstandingly intelligent.

From school he studied medicine in Tanjore and gained 1sts in all exams.

He began his medical practice there.

1913   He left India for Malaya where he obtained a post in charge of a rubber plantation hospital.

He became increasingly interested in spirituality and studied both modern and ancient teachings.

1923   He returned to India arriving in Madras (Chennai now) and eventually reached Rishikesh (1924) in the Himalayas where he stayed and was initiated Swami SIVANANDA SARASWATI.

From 1924 he lived in a simple kutir (hut) and practised severe tapas, silence and fasting.  He would stand in the cold waters of the river Ganges at dawn, and meditated for 12 hours a day.  At the same time he continued to treat and feed ill sadhus and the poor.

For a time he travelled widely in India visiting sacred sites.

1936 He founded The Divine Life Society based in Rishikesh.  By this time he was visited by many followers, and spent much time writing and publishing.

1951The Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy Press was established to focus on publishing 300+ of Sivananda`s writings.

1963 14 July   Swami Sivananda Saraswati attained mahasamadhi.