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The Guru is like a Door


The guru should be like an opening door


Locked inside ourself we may be happy and familiar with what we know,

unaware of just what is outside.


We can see a door as a defence against intruders and threats to our security,

and rely on it to safeguard us, and protect us against uncertainty.


Forgetting its purpose, we can become diverted by its style,

the paint colour,

or the latch which holds us in. 

Anything to stop us opening it.


But when we do,

we become aware of the opportunity to go on into the space beyond,

leading through into the light.

The door can tell us nothing about what we shall find, but it can invite us to take the first step.


So, the guru launches us into a new dimension. 

With courage we can step into a new world,

by ourself. 

The door cannot come with us: the guru will not try.  His job is done.


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