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Chakras of the Lower Body



Most yoga students have at least a superficial acquaintance with the chakras associated with the spinal axis of the body.  Few however are familiar with the lower chkras to be found below the Root Chakra/Muladhara.


Just as there are said to be seven upper chakras, in the same way there are said to be seven lower chakras namely –

                        Patala in the soles of the feet,

                        Mahatala in the feet,

                        Rasatala in the ankles,

                        Talatala in the calves,

                        Sutala in the knees,

                        Vitala in the thighs

and the one immediately below Muladhara –

                        Atala in the hips.


These lower chakras are associated with the negative aspects of our character.  The animal instincts which are there in all of us, but which we strive to rise above.


Atala in the hips governs the state of fear from life in general to death itself.  Lust and promiscuity become established when this chakra is strong.


Vitala is the chakra of anger and resentment, blaming others and world for what happens in their own life.


Sutala highlights jealousy in our nature; jealousy brought on by feelings of inadequacy and inferiority.


Talatala the chakra of confusion, wilfulness, greed and deceit.


Rasatala really focuses on our animal nature.  It may be a strong survival chakra but at the expense of the suffering of others if need be.  Jealousy, anger and fear are all strong at this level of our being.


Mahatala  is that aspect of our nature where conscience towards others is lost.  Theft is commonplace and holds no moral value here.


Patala the lowest chakra of all in the soles of the feet.  Destructiveness, revenge, murder, hatred, torture and wanton disrespect at all levels show this chakra to be active and dominating our finer human nature.


It is easy to see these lower chakras in a purely negative light, but like the person who may be told they have a propensity to develop cancer but can make fundamental lifestyle changes to stop that, in the same way we can recognise that we have these feelings and urges within us.  It is up to us to rise above their power and influence.


Standing on the earth with bare feet try to visualise the healing cleansing power of the earth flooding up the legs bringing these lower chakras into some form of order and control.


Derek Osborn                                      April 2007.

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