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Japa - finger counting

JAPA with finger counting.

Japa is repetition of your chosen mantra which may be a single word such as Aum, or a longer phrase or sentence.

Using the sections of three fingers of the left hand and four fingers of the right hand allows us to count up to 108 repetitions for our mantra.  108 is a traditional figure in Hinduism and in Buddhism.  For Hindus 108 represents the many names of god.

Use the left hand to count multiples of 12 and the right hand single digits.

Place the thumb of the left hand on the lowest (nearest the palm of the hand) section of the little finger.  Use the thumb of the right hand to count by moving up the 3 sections of the little finger, the ring finger, middle finger and index finger in turn, making a total of 12 sections.

Move the left thumb up to the mid section of the little finger and count a further 12 using the right hand again.  Carry on until you reach the end section of the middle finger of the left hand - the 9th section.  Note the index finger is not used.

In this way you will have completed 108 repetitions of your mantra


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