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Helpful Hints for a Yogic Lifestyle



With acknowledgement to Yogi Selvarajan Yesudian


One of the earliest inspirations for me in yoga was the yogi Selvarajan Yesudian whose book, written in collaboration with Elisabeth Haich - `Yoga and Health`, Pub Mandala, 1953 – contains so much valuable knowledge.


Yesudian was a sickly boy living in Madras, Tamil Nadu, who discovered for himself the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  He went on to become a leading exponent of yoga for both physical and mental benefits.  The book describes all the usual yoga asanas, pranayam etc but ends with perhaps the most valuable chapter with the title at the top of this page  Helpful Hints for Yoga Pupils.


I would debate the exact applications of some of the hints with `modern` knowledge, but as a basis for a `yogic lifestyle` it remains an excellent guide.


Get up and go to bed at the same times.

Let your first thought be of Health

Take a daily (?) bath to free your skin of impurities.

Walk barefoot whenever possible and exercise your toes.

Spend some time naked every day and let your skin get used to fresh air.

Do eye exercises.

Keep the nostrils clean by inhaling into the the nasal cavites.

Rinse your mouth after every meal, and brush regularly. (Using a piece of oak twig).

Chew food well.

A little meat is no barrier to a yoga life, but try to eat mainly vegetables, fruit, grains and milk products.

Keep the bowels working regularly.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol and `dangerous vices`.

Do not harbour negative emotions, grudges etc.

Discipline your emotions to be positive in attitude. `In the sky of the mind you are the sun`.

Speak only when you have something to say.

Spend one day a month in silent fasting.

Practise yoga in a special room kept pure, on a clean rug or mat facing east.

Start yoga practice breathing and developing positive attitudes.

Learn a few quotations from sentences from great spiritual teachers.



` The body is made by the thought that lies behind it`.



With thanks and gratitude to Selvarajan Yesudian .


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