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Tips for Keeping Your Temple in Good Condition

Tips for Keeping Your Temple (the Body) in Good Condition

1           Learn as much as you can from reliable well researched sources.  Don`t just take their word for it.  Try things out and note their effects as far as possible on you.  Keep a diary of physical exercise, diet etc just as you might keep a spiritual/ emotional diary.  The yoga tradition of the guru is still very important and valid.  You may find you need teachers for disparate activities.

2          Develop regularity.  Maintaining order and regularity in your life style is of great benefit.  Try to go to bed at about the same time every night.  Get up at the same time.  Plan your working day if it is in your remit.  Build in short rest periods.  Eat regular and light meals.  Avoid heavy, stodgy meals late in the evening.

3          Quality surroundings in every aspect of your life pays off.  It is better to have less that is good than be overloaded with rubbish.  A living environment of well designed, functional and beautiful objects around you will nurture the spirit.  Go for natural rather than artificial fabrics and materials wherever practical – they allow the body to breath and be at one with the world.

4          You are what you eat so make sure it is quality (which does not have to mean expensive) which you put inside you.  Learn about nutritional balances, body requirements of protein, carbs, fats etc.  Enjoy what you eat and avoid becoming faddy.  Vegetarianism is not compulsory for yogi/nis – you must make your own decision.

5          Exercise.  Yoga is potentially a complete form of exercise and has endless variations, but do not ignore other sports, gym training, using weights, outdoor pursuits etc all of which can broaden your social contacts and introduce new experiences for the body – stamina, strength and power that may be missing from your yoga.

6          Maintenance.  Any machine or organism needs regular care and attention.  Don`t  ignore what may seem minor imbalances or warnings from the body.  Consult doctors, physiotherapists and other therapists without feelings of guilt or failure.

7          Be Light  Eat lightly, dress lightly, move lightly, behave lightly in relations with others, think lightly and let the Universal Light fill your body, mind  and soul.