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Chakra - Vishuddha



The `pure wheel`, Vishuddha chakra is located in the throat, and represents the next stage in our psycho-spiritual development.  Being the meeting point between the centre of love and compassion (Anahata) and the thoughts  of the conscious brain this centre is sometimes called the third ear.  It is also known as the centre of communication.  It is from the throat that we communicate with the world around us both verbally and emotionally. – we sing to our loved one, and feel the lump in the throat when emotion runs high.


The neck is the narrow access from the body to the head, in a way representing a second gate after the diaphragm, leading to the ultimate goal at the crown of the head.  This chakra is described as having 16 lotus petals of smoky purple, surrounding a circle representative of the full moon - Chandra.  Within the circle is a downward pointing triangle containing a circle.  Other descriptions include an oval or egg shape.  This shape is regarded as the perfect form in some yoga teachings.  The circle can contain one or the other primal forces.  The egg symbolises the coming together of the two – male and female.  The two deities associated\with this chakra are Sada-Shiva ( the `Eternal Shiva` who is the peaceful basis of all existence), and Shakini.  Sometimes the single deity is Ardhanarishvara – the representation of Shiva as half male, half female. 


The root sound, or bija mantra, is Ham, and the element is ether. The chakra is associated with the sense of hearing, and also with communication, and the expression of emotions. Also described at this centre is the tasting of the secretion `soma` or `amrita`.  This fluid is said to be produced at the back of the chakra and its production is stimulated by the practice of `khecari-mudra` where the tongue is elongated to roll back into the back of the throat, or skull cavity to `milk` the fluid.  The animal associated with this centre\is a pure white elephant – a symbol of pure strength


Vishuddha chakra represents the highest development of our physical senses, and their relation with the elements.

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