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Chakra - Svadhistana



This chakra is regarded as the second energy centre as we rise from the base chakra, muladhara.


Its position is said to relate to the sacral nerve plexus, just two fingers width above muladhara chakra.  In our pyschospiritual evolution svadhistana represents that point where we are now moving from pure animal physical survival.  This chakra is associated with the fluid aspects of our nature so the element of water is the principal element here.  In its position svadhistana, is closely associated with the fluid excretory system of the kidneys and bladder, and also with the reproductive system and the genitals.  In sexual union we become aware of the physical and emotional needs of our partner.  With maturity we also begin to learn the importance of fluidity and flexibility in our lives – physically and mentally.


The chakra is described as having six crimson petals surrounding a circle.  In some schools the colour orange is suggested – the second colour of the spectrum.  The circle is a shape associated with the female aspect, and as a shape is less stable than the square, but still a complete shape.  Within the circle is a silver crescent moon, symbolising the watery and moonlike feminine qualities.  The bija mantra `vam` is the mantra of the element of water.  The deities of the chakra are Vishnu (the Preserver) and the goddess Rakini.  The crocodile symbolises the watery connection, fertility, and the fluid sense of taste.  In the centre of the chakra is an inward facing phallus or linga of shining coral colour.


Through contemplation on this chakra the practitioner is said to develop the attraction of those around him/her which is often manifested in sexual ways.  N.B.  For the serious yogi/ni these attractions may be the first pitfalls along the way of non-attachment and enlightenment!


In your yoga asana practise focus on the aspect of movement as you move into, hold and return from the position.  Try to make your movements slow and full of awareness of the flow of energy through your body

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