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Neti - nose cleansing

Neti  : Nose cleansing


Using a neti pot regularly can have tremendous benefits.  The cleansing of the nostrils and nasal passages removes inhaled detritus, dust and bacteria, as well as washing away mucus which may have accumulated holding more unwanted bacteria and particles.


While the washing with a neti should not cause entry of fluids into the sinuses, it does wash away blockages near their entrances relieving congestion and creating a feeling of lightness and free breathing.


A neti can be used daily without problem, or weekly, or just as required to clear a blocked nose such as when you might have a cold.


The general advice is to use tepid boiled water (sterile – important to prevent infection into the nose and sinuses).  About a teaspoonful of salt dissolved in a pint of water is about right.  However it is important to experiment and find the strength that is comfortable for you.  A stingingOweH   feeling is the result of too much or too little salt.  An ancient and ideal fluid, if you do not have an aversion to the idea, is to use your own freshly produced urine.  Your urine is isotonic (the same saltiness) as your nasal fluids; it is sterile, and contains many minerals and other substances that are beneficial to you.  Urine is not made of water and `waste` substances.  The minerals, vitamins, hormones etc are simply superfluous to the body at the time of urine production, and may be safely recycled.


Small travel neti pots are OK when there is no alternative, but ideally the neti should hold at least 3/4pint of liquid.  Steel or copper allow for more efficient cleaning than plastic, but either way always cleanse thoroughly after each use.


Fill the neti pot.  Working over a basin or outside, tilt your head to one side.  Insert the nozzle of the neti into the upper nostril and pour the fluid into the nostril.  If the angle is wrong the fluid will either pour out of the nostril, or into the back of the throat.  There is no danger in that, simply spit out the fluid and try again.  Eventually you should find an angle where the fluid will run in through the top nostril and out of the lower nostril.  Get a good flow before removing the neti.  Block the upper nostril and blow out through the lower nostril vigorously.  Repeat with the other nostril.  Either use neti per nostril (with larger pots), or a full neti with smaller pots.


When you have done both nostrils, have another good `blow` to remove the fluid.  You may find some time later that putting your head forward may liberate more fluid which may have been held back near the sinuses – keep a handkerchief or tissues handy.


Get in touch if you need more advice            Sw Shiv Giri Baba / Derek

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