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also known as Swami Shiv Giri Baba and

Swami Shantananda Brahmendra Avadhuta 


Namaste - welcome to my site

with my guru Swami Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadhut

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Library - the writings of Derek Osborn

Asanas - the postures of yoga

Pranayama - breathing techniques and the control of prana

Programme Session ideas

Indian Journeys

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Classes and 1 - 1 teaching

Weekly classes are currently held in Madeley, Telford, and Broseley, near Telford
1 - 1 teaching is available by special arrangement. N.B. there are no toilet facilities in my yoga kutir.  In view of the privacy of personal
teaching sessions  these are more suitable for men than women.



11 08 2014   Yoga SadhanaCourse Programme
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01 08 2014    Shaktipat - Transformation
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07 07 2014   Autumn Newsletter

14 06 02     Vivekananda, Swami

13 11 11      Winter newsletter 2013
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13 06 13     Summer/Autumn 2013 Newsletter
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05 11        New name. Why?
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13 05 04        Edited the Library site
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13 04 14        Life of the Avadhuta - rules for living
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A workshop in progress in Shrewsbury


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