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Nearly Wil Yoga


SATSANG is the coming together to talk about topics related to our yoga and spiritual aspects of our lives.  These meetings are held on a monthly basis rotating through each evening of the week - Mon to Fri - to give those who work or have other commitments to join us from time to time.  Satsang begins at 7.30pm with a short puja (ritual) and brief silent meditation, and ends in a similar way around 8.30ish.  The meetings are held at my yoga room in Broseley.  There is no charge.  If you would like to come please let me know in advance.


Dates: 28 July and 26 August 

BROSELEY Class at The Birchmeadow Centre in Broseley on Tuesday mornings from 10 - noon.  From September 2015 this will run on a termly basis as for the Madeley class at Jubilee House.  We have moved into the new warm, clean Pritchard Room; it`s smaller size limits enrolments to a maximum of 11 students.

1 Place has become available owing to a cancellation. 

SUMMER SCHOOL will not be running this summer 2015.  Instead each of us will have to be responsible for our own discipline!

 See Nearly Wild Yoga at Underhill Farm 22 August



Autumn Term starts Tuesday 15th September at Broseley 10 - 12 noon.  £67.50 (Concession £56.25) for 12 weeks,

and  Madeley at Jubilee House starts Thursday 17 Sept    £67.50 for 12 weeks or £56.25 (conc).  Limited weekly bookings £7 or £5.50.

This September sees the continuation of a series of subjects for study and discussion ensuring that students receive a full and well rounded experience of every aspect of yoga including physical, mental and spiritual.



Mob: 07791 182085    Email:  derek_osborn1@btinternet.com

Web: www.yoga-sadhana.org       Facebook:  yoga-sadhana.org or Derek Osborn

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