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Salute to the Sun (Surya)


My YOGA teaching stresses the importance of awareness of all aspects of yoga: the body, mind and soul, and is the culmination of a life time`s study, practice and teaching of yoga. The physical exercises include both gentle stretching and also strong challenging exercises. At all stages students work within their own levels of ability. 

Emphasis is placed on practising yoga with awareness, thus helping to avoid unnecesary injury, but also to begin the process of harnessing the power of the mind to transform us. 

My teaching now incorporates aspects of the styles of the Sivananda school, Satyananda, Iyengar, Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.  However with the increasing tendency of yoga teachers and `schools` to try to patent or at least copyright their `names` and styles of teaching my answer to the question `What style of yoga do you teach?` is `Yoga`.  Looking at the traditional forms of yoga - Raja,  Hatha, Bhakti , Karma etc in fact my teaching is closest to Tantra which incorporates all aspects in a framework of the eight limbs of Patanjali and ritual.  Tantra was developed to be appropriate for students of yoga in this modern age ` Kali Yuga` - dark age.  In modern times Budd Thompson, with a greater yoga input by me, has developed the system called `Bodylife` which uses all aspects of yoga together with modern fitness methods and dance etc.

Tantra uses physical and mental techniques together with   ritual to open the individual to an experience of the Divine within them.  It is this approach which inspired Budd Thompson to develop what he called Bodylife
, a way of teaching incorporating many approaches, ancient and modern , to achieve the same effect.

Remembering the words of my guruji at initiation `Clothes are a barrier between you and god, and should be worn only when necessary `, I believe that yoga is ideally practised. naked (digambar)  However  in class and other group situations it is better to be relaxed and comfortable wearing clothes where necessary.

Ultimately yoga is a spiritual practise seeking the realisation of the Self within us.  Sadhana is the psiritual journey that we take through life.  To that end all methods have a value.

Simple Reverse Triangle Twist


Typical weekly mixed classes  usually start with a short talk on an aspect of yoga lifestyle, yoga ideas or descriptions of practices which might not be used in general classes, and talk on aspects of pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation or meditation techniques which might be used later in the class. 

After a few minutes of centring, earthing and sense withdrawal (pratyahara), the class then moves on to the physical exercises.  Sessions end with a period of breathing exercises or techniques and a longer relaxation/meditation.

All aspects of yoga are covered -   life style, philosophy,postures/exercises, relaxation, and meditation techniques. 

Classes are suitable for all abilities.
For further details contact me: derek_osborn1@btinternet.com   
or tel. 07791 182085

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