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                  in this site
 you`ll find more about me and my approach to yoga - and life: plus much of the material I use in my teaching, giving you an idea of what to expect if you attend my classes. 

For more serious students of yoga the Library contains notes on the series of class talks making up the course I call Yoga Sadhana.  They may provide you with a basis for study leading to taking more courses (including teaching courses) with other schools of yoga, or just help to fill in a few gaps in your knowledge.  Either way I hope they are useful.  

Do get in touch if you are interested in joining a class or for a private session (times very limited).  Visitors to the area from the rest of the UK or overseas are invited to join us at the Thursday evening class.  

Try my mobile/cell phone 07791 182085 but be warned I often don`t have it with me so leave a text or voicemail.

Aum namah Shivaya