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Yoga-Sadhana Newsletter: 

Dates for the Summer

There will not be a Summer School this year,2015.

Autumn Classes

These will start on Tuesday 15 September at Broseley and 17th at Madeley.  

There will be no classes weeks beginning 19th or26th October 

Term ends week beginning 14 December.  Class times are 
10 - noon at Broseley and 7.15pm- 9.00pm at Madeley. 

For anyone not knowing the rooms they are very pleasant, clean and warm, with good car parking.

Fees for the 12 week term are £67.50.  Concessions are available for anyone on supplementary benefits. 

Weekly payment is also available at £7 per week subject to space. 

In view of increasing numbers I am asking anyone who wishes to book a
place on a weekly basis to telephone me
in advance to confirm their space reservation – this can
be done from the previous Sunday.

SATSANG monthly meetings at my yoga room in Broseley give anyone interested in the philosophical/spiritual aspects of Vedanta and yoga the opportunity to meet for discussion.

There is no charge but donations which will be given to charity are welcome and are placed anonymously in the shrine bowl. 

Satsang involves a short puja (ritual), discussion and meditation.  Starting time is 7.30pm and ending

about 8.30pm.

1 - 1  If you would like to visit on an individual basis to discuss topics of concern, or just to sit quietly in the yoga room for a while please contact me.



For more information contact me: Derek  Tel 07791 182085. Email derek_osborn1@btinternet.com 

Web www.yoga-sadhana.org

Seeing the world from a different perspective


Teaching a yoga workshop


A class in Tamil Nadu, India


Just hanging around in a BWY AGM class some years ago


Swami Shantananda Brahmendra Avadhuta

Derek Osborn

teaches a course of Tantra Yoga incorporating many of the essential characteristics of traditional Yoga including , lifestyle, exercise, breathing and relaxation


8.15am Daily Morning puja to Lord Shiva and all gurus.
Classes are held at venues listed in the Programme.
1 - 1 tuition in yoga is available by arrangement.
Spiritual aspirants are invited to contact me to discuss appropriate arrangements.



I am normally available for contact between 9.00am and 9.00pm. Expect to leave a message/text if I am teaching, with a client, or invloved in my own sadhana. I try to reply to email messages within a couple of days of receiving them.

Working out at the gym