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The Programme of subjects listed
 alongside represent a two year
(6 term/series) course of topics
which will be presented at weekly
 classes.  It is important to
remember that each class will
also include other facets of yoga
including breathing and physical
 exercises, as well as the mental
aspects leading to Samadhi. 
For students who are happy to
 use this course as an
opportunity to expand their 
general background to the
subject of yoga it should prove
 of interest.  For more serious
students who wish to go deeper
 into the subject the course will
 provide a sound base for their
 continuing and deeper study.

It is recommended that earnest
 students should consider
creating a dossier of their own
study including research notes,
 book reviews, photographs etc
 to complement the notes on
the subjects listed here which
can be found in the Library
section of this site.  Students
 are also urged to widen their
 understanding of the practical
 and philosophical aspects
through reading, study and
personal experience, for
which a personal record
would be useful.

On the other hand if your
attendance at classes is
purely for your own
enjoyment and interest
- welcome.

Derek / Swami Shantananda

Yoga Sadhana Course Programme

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Series 1

1.        Sadhana – the path of yoga

2.        Sacred space

3.        Personal Environment

4.        Habits, routines and rituals

5.        Love, Learning to

6.        Diet as a Niyama

7.        Asanas stretching

8.        Pranayama breathing

9.        Sense withdrawal

10.      Concentration, dharana

11.      Meditation

12.      Samadhi


Series 2

1.        Yoga anatomy

2.        Kriyas, detox and cleanse

3.        Mudra and Bandhas

4.        Nadis and Kundalini

5.        Aura and Koshas

6.        Atman: the Soul

7.        Aum: the universal sound

8.        Nada: sound

9.        Japa; mantra repetition

10.      Soham and the breath

11.      Nidra: yoga nidra and relaxation

12.      Visualisation for relaxation


Series 3

1.        History of yoga

2.        Hinduism and Yoga

3.        Veda

4.        Avadhuta Gita

5.        Upanishads

6.        Bhagavad Gita

7.        Tantras, Agamas and Puranas

8.        Tamil Siddhas

9.        Dattatreya

10.      Patanjali

11.      Ramakrishna and Vivekananda

12.      Sivananda


Series 4

1.        Muldahara Chakra

2.        Svadhistana Chakra

3.        Manipura Chakra

4.        Anahata Chakra

5.        Vishuddha Chakra

6.        Ajna Chakra

7.        Saharara Chakra

8.        Karma Yoga

9.        Jnana Yoga

10.      Bhakti Yoga

11.      Raja Yoga

12.      Hatha Yoga


Series 5

1.        Tantra

2.        Kriyas

3.        Tapas

4.        Dharma

5.        Asramas       

6.        Sadhana

7.        Tirtha Yatra

8.        Yantra

9.        Meditation Techniques

10.      Sutras of Patanjali

11.      Sutras of other teachers

12.      Thirumandiram


Series 6

1.        Guru and Shishya

2.        Brahma

3.        Vishnu

4.        Shiva

5.        Female Deities

6.        Ganapati and Kartikeya

7.        Hinduism

8.        Buddhism and Jainism

9.        Modern Teachers

10.      Osho

11.      Krishnamurti

12.      Transforming yourself through Yoga


Subjects may be changed according to course development and on-going requirements.


Derek Osborn / Swami Shantananda Brahmendra Avadhuta     July 2014



For anyone seeking to become more deeply involved in the full study of Yoga-sadhana I am happy to discuss options for their progress and development.  The relationship of teacher to student in the traditional teachings of sadhana is known as guru and shishya, and may lead to initiation or diksha on a formal level.
I can be contacted by mobile/cell phone on 44(0)7791 182085 or email: derek_osborn1@btinternet.com