Aspects of Pranayama

Bramhari: Humming bee breath
Soham and the breath
Sitali Pranayama

Sitali Pranayama




With summer coming in the northern hemisphere now is the time to be thinking about cooling techniques that do not involve air conditioning, electric fans and iced water.  God gave us plenty of alternatives and Sitali breathing is just one of them.  Dog`s pant through the mouth over the surface of the tongue to lose body heat, this is the human equivalent.


Sit or kneel with spine and neck erect, protrude the tongue and roll it into a tube shape.  Note that genetically some people are unable to do this, in which case just protrude the flat tongue.  Breath in through the tube, or over the surface of the tongue.  This is one of the few instances where we breath through the mouth.


After inhalation adopt Jalandhara Bandha, tucking the chin into the neck as though to squash the Adam`s Apple (glottis), and Mula Bandha, pulling up the pelvic floor.  Hold the breath for about 5 seconds and then exhale through the nostrils.  Continue for 5 – 10 minutes.


In addition to cooling the body, this breath is said to activate the liver and spleen and help digestion.


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